Physical Acess Control


Physical Access Control

With our access control system, you can recognize, authenticate and authorize entry of each person going into and leaving your building thereby giving complete protection ensuring security with the system as we have partnered with leading access control systems manufacturers to provide you with the best systems at factory prices.



  • Turnstile: a crowd control mechanism which allows one person to pass through at a time. It can also be made to enforce one-way traffic of people and, additionally, restrict passage only to people who insert a designated pass, ticket, etc.
  • Vault Management System: biometric access-control vault management system (BAVMS) is a biometric-based electronic security solution designed to secure access to vaults, ATMs, safes and strong room doors. Designed for new applications as well as retrofitting on existing safes and vaults, it is a server-based system managed centrally with different administrative access levels. It utilizes biometric with a password keypad system that allows multi-user access combination.
  • Surveillance Video Analytics/CCTV : a protection system that involves continuous, systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of information through monitoring of behaviour, activities or other changing information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting people..

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  • Secure ID: an identity and access assurance solution that provides a badge for every person (students, employees, contractors) that is authorised to walk through the door